Girl’s front

At the very frontlines, here and there, among the cooking, crafting masking nets, and behind the car’s wheel. Third time performing, our brave girls transporting ambulances provided by “Medical and charitable assistance France-Ukraine” for the whole of Ukraine.

England furnace with Ukraine

London with us. And almost 3,000 km do not matter when hearts beat in time with the whole of Ukraine, which is defending itself from the occupiers. A large diaspora of Ukrainians in England has joined in helping us at this difficult time. Special thanks are due to Mr. Igor Rudevich, who together with our…

Assistance for migrants

Many people, fleeing the war, settled in the Carpathian region. They need attention and help. Charitable Foundation “Vyhoda Region” together with the NGO “Lions Club International – Ukraine” organized the delivery of food from our Romanian friends and handed them over to internally displaced persons.

When speed matters

We understand how important it is for our defenders to have enough transport. And we also understand how quickly it can be damaged or fail. Therefore, we focused on the transfer of cars to our military and defense forces. Thanks to our friends from the EU for their help. Now all imported vehicles serve to…

Generators for the military

9 powerful and several portable generators are already in the service of our defenders. Thanks to our Polish colleagues from JOBON and well-established cooperation in the rear, the soldiers received help quickly and reliably. Together we will defend the land, together we will overcome the occupier.

Women during the war

The book “War is not a woman’s face” by Svetlana Aleksievich is a document of human memory, a record of the stories of women whose war (1941-1945) forced them to take up arms to protect their homeland from fascism. Today we are writing a new story, the history of the war of the Russian Federation…

Help from Italy

Almost every day we have contacts with our compatriots or partners in European countries, who sincerely respond to requests to provide assistance to Ukraine in any way during the war. The next tranche of humanitarian aid from Italy was provided by Volodymyr Hurko, owner of Uniplyt LLC together with local charitable foundations Vyhodsky Krai (Liliana…

Cars for service in the Armed Forces

Cars purchased with the assistance of Volodymyr Hurko are handed over to the Armed Forces and sent to defend the country. He will also bring humanitarian aid received from Poland and Germany to our soldiers. Among the essentials are a diesel generator, radios, power banks, food and other necessary equipment. On the eve of the…

With care for the defenders

Today we received 200 kg of mashed potatoes (dry) from our business partners from Italy. In the near future, they will be delivered to military units to prepare hot lunches for our defenders. This is another testament to humanity and empathy. We thank everyone who helps and thus brings our victory closer.

Polish colleagues were the first to respond

We appealed to all international business partners to provide humanitarian assistance with means of protection and essential goods for Ukrainian soldiers. And we received the first cargo from our colleagues from Poland on March 9, and it is a compact crossover SUZUKI GRAND VITARA filled with basic necessities, among them: food, thermal underwear for the…