A house that we will build together

Charitable Foundation “Vyhodskyi Krai”  has started implementing a project to create social housing in the center of the village Vyhoda, (Ivano-Frankivsk region) by converting non-residential premises with an area of 5,000 square meters into residential ones. Since the project start we have done as follows:The concept of converting non-residential premises into housing for internally displaced…

help for handicapped

We distributed food packages to handicapped people, older women and men in Kharkiv. They face tough challenges in this terrible war between russia and Ukraine without external assistance. Thanks to the Canadian charitable foundation GlobalMedic, the Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation and assistance of the public organization “Medicine in Action”, our foundation supports people with special needs and…

from Kharkiv with thanks

Residents of Kharkiv region express their gratitude to our Foundation for the food aid. 800 food kits were delivered to Kharkiv region, with the support of the Canadian charity foundation “Global Medic” and with the assistance of the public organization “Medicine in Action”.  We keep in line together and continue to work and help.

Delivery of food kits to the communities

We delivered food kits, recently received from the Canadian charitable foundation “GlobalMedic” with the assistance of public organization “Medicine in Action”, to residents of the village of Malaya Rogan, Kharkiv region. Our Foundation will not stop, we will not get tired, we will be with those who need our help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNrYTxU2Gt0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJvcSQX4D7g


There are things that we practically do not pay much attention to in our everyday peaceful life. We periodically buy them, when they run out or there is a need to replenish the stock. The war showed that in addition to heavy weapons, food, vehicles, and military clothing, our defenders need stocks of the most…

Volkswagen vans for the AFU’s brigade No.241

In August, our charitable foundation purchased and handed over two Volkswagen vans to the soldiers of the 241st Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The vehicles were not meant for a walk at all, and within a week one of them had got first battle scars. But it is already taking the guys to…

Help to Kharkiv residents

One of these days, a large batch of food packages have already been handed out to Kharkiv residents. With the support of the Canadian charitable foundation “Global Medic” and the assistance of the public organization “Medicine in Action”, we have the opportunity to support families that found themselves in a very difficult situation because of…

enjoy the meal!

Cats and dogs are already enjoying the food that we recently bought and delivered to Kharkiv. It’s a great pleasure to feel that another task is completed and our favored are not hungry. We will continue supporting Kharkiv residents and their tailed pets.

New clothes for the front line

Another brigade of our heroes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kharkiv received new military uniforms, T-shirts, socks, underwear and hygiene products from our Foundation. We are glad that we can help our soldiers. We are sure that together we are an invincible force.

Help is on the way to Kharkiv

Today in Kharkiv we already sent humanitarian aid from GlobalMedic from Canada, 800 food kits and purchased feed for our pets.  We devote our every day effort to a good cause. We are together with those who currently are suffering from the consequences of the war.