We will feed and help

The food we all raised funds for is already being enjoyed by our tailed friends in Kharkiv. Dozens of dogs and cats that were abandoned by their owners during the occupation of Kharkiv region are now under the protection of volunteers and generous people. We cannot stand aside from this problem, so we make every…

We are applying for the “Help for Tails – 2023” contest

We dreamed of creating a sterilization and rehoming center for homeless animals called “Friendly Paw” in Dolyna, Kalush district. Dreams turned into action. We found the right premises and, with the help of concerned citizens, carried out repairs, namely: re-roofed, installed windows and doors, performed interior and exterior finishing works, and installed an enclosure with…

The collection is over!

 Dear friends, with your help we have raised the necessary amount for another DJI Mavic 3T quadcopter with a thermal imager and accessories. We buy and deliver A4128 to the military unit defending the country in the Donetsk sector. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces!

Our drone is already in service

A DJI Mavic 3T quadcopter with a thermal imager and accessories, for which we raised funds together, is already in the hands of our defenders.Now there is no better feeling than to feel that you are contributing to helping the Armed Forces and protecting the country.We are finalizing the fundraising for another drone and with…

We do good things together

We purchased 3 tons of dog and cat food thanks to your help. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the fundraising last month.In the coming days, we will deliver it to the eastern regions of the country to help shelters and people who have taken in four-legged friends.

Mavic 3T goes to the front line

We are pleased to announce that our Foundation has purchased a DJI Mavic 3T quadcopter with a thermal imager and accessories, for which we raised funds in early March. Today he has already gone to our defenders at the front line. We look forward to seeing photos from the front line and the results of…

The collection is closed

Thanks to all those who care, we raised the necessary amount of money for dog and cat food. The collection is closed. Thank you. We buy it and bring it to the de-occupied territories. The photo report is ours.

Thanks from the defenders

Today, the head of our Foundation Liliana Pengrin received an award from the commander of the military unit A4085 – a medal “For Support” and a letter of gratitude for the timely assistance provided to the 247th Separate Battalion of the 127th Separate Brigade of the Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That’s nice.…

From Canada to Ukraine

The Vygodsky Krai Charitable Foundation delivered the humanitarian aid received from Canadian friends to the unconquered city of heroes – Kharkiv. Almost 20 tons of cargo, or 1,280 food sets, are already being delivered to Kharkiv residents.We thank our friends and partners, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, the Canada Ukraine Foundation, GlobalMedic for their assistance, and…

They fight – we support them

We have enough motivation to support our defenders and help them. Our Foundation received charitable assistance for the military from our partners. There are boots, uniforms, backpacks and sleeping bags.We sort, stack and pass them to the defenders.May God bless you, our unbreakable warriors.