A four-wheeled friend has arrived for duty

Чотириколісний друг прибув на службу

We sent another car to serve on the eastern borders of the country to the brigade where our colleague, an employee of Uniplyt LLC, is fighting the enemy. They also handed over sets of thermal underwear to our defenders. We believe in the strength and courage of Ukrainian soldiers and bring victory closer together.

Aid to IDPs

The social responsibility of “Uniplyt” LLC is to improve the quality of life of our employees, improve industrial relations and build partnership relationships between management and employees. According to these principles, we work constantly and try to help our employees under any circumstances.Since the beginning of the war, we have been finding opportunities to employ…

We are setting up a shelter

Thanks to our Polish colleagues from the company “JOBON” for the provided sofas and mattresses, we helped the residents of Kharkiv region to equip bomb shelters and shelters. Now it is much easier and more convenient to stay here during air alarms.

Assistance to medical facilities

Our medical facilities during the war are another front. Doctors are forced to provide aid under shelling, and medical facilities are forced to accept wounded soldiers and refugees. In support of the Luhansk Regional Center of Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine, our Foundation donated medical drugs for consumables with a total estimated value of…

“GlobalMedic” is our permanent partner

The charity organization “GlobalMedic” once again demonstrates its unwavering desire to help Ukrainians in the difficult time of the war. Another 1,800 containers with hygiene products, which is more than 6 tons of cargo, we received from our Canadian friends. Our Foundation and, we can safely say, the entire Ukrainian people are sincerely grateful for…

100 sets of thermal clothing for defenders

The cold, like the enemy, torments our soldiers in the trenches and on the front lines. Today, our Foundation again purchased thermal clothing for fellow countrymen-defenders. In the near future, we will deliver 100 sets of warm clothes to the brigades of the Armed Forces.

Help for Tymchenko community

Today, 100 water purification systems and sets of hygiene products, which our Foundation received from the Canadian company GlobalMedic, were brought to the residents of the village of Tymchenko in Kharkiv region. We are trying to help every community that is suffering from Russian aggression today. Victory will soon be ours, we believe, we work,…

We will feed – we will help

It is difficult to describe the feelings experienced by pet owners when their pets look at them with hungry and sad eyes. And there are also many dogs and cats around that were left without owners. But no matter how terrible the war is, it will not take away our sense of humanity and humanism.…

Vovchansk – we stand with you

De-occupied city of Vovchansk in Kharkiv region, located near the Russian border, is periodically bombarded and destroyed by the enemy. The humanitarian situation in the city and surrounding villages remains difficult. We managed to deliver to these courageous people some kits with personal hygiene products and water purification systems, which we have received from our…

Car – for service in the Armed Forces

We handed over another car to our defenders. Now the guys of AFU will be more maneuverable and fast.Thanks to everyone involved in the fundraiser and to our brave defenders.Together we are the FORCE. Victory is our common goal!