Prague with us

Liliana Pengrin: “I am confident in Ukraine’s victory! Because we have the best Defenders, who I believe, if they were provided with everything necessary, would have destroyed the Muscovites yesterday, because no army in the world has such love for the Motherland and the desire to win.

I am also pleased with our most sincere philanthropists, volunteers and I would like to express my gratitude to Drescher Lesia and Vasyl Tyszkowski (Prague), who, when asked: “It is necessary for soldiers…”, answered: “When you take it!” These are: two cars – MERCEDES SPRINTER and MERCEDES VITO, which were loaded with much-needed drugs, rehabilitation equipment, clothing and footwear for the military.

ZALUZHNYI spoke about such people: “The most important thing for us is to know that you are. 24/7 you call, write, offer help, carry something, get creative, encourage, joke. You make us feel our unity and invincibility. To feel that there is a nation, that you are among your own people and, first of all, keep this country on your shoulders for their sake. ”

So after such words we have no right to stop!


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