We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization that combines physical and legal principles to create a charitable activities since 2008

Charitable Foundation “Vygodsky Krai” was established in 2008 by a team of philanthropists and volunteers, united by common values, to effectively support social and added value projects.

Our goal is to make displaced communities live as comfortable as possible. Most of our projects were aimed at attracting investments in the development of infrastructure and urban improvement of the Vyhoda village. As well as supporting of cultural and artistic activities, protection of cultural heritage, ecology and environmental protection, which thier implementation was underfunded by the state or local budgets.

During its activity, the Foundation implemented a number of important social projects and programs on the territory of the Vyhoda Settlement Council by combining the efforts of local enterprises, local businesses, and caring socially active residents.

Since the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine, the Foundation focused its activities on providing humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian Defense Forces and residents affected by the occupation.

We always search for, acquire, and organize the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine for those who need it.

Our partners are public organizations, business representatives who are located in Ukraine and abroad.

Some of our most successful projects have been implemented from 2008 till present time.

Legal documents of the foundation

Foundation team

Liliana Pengrin

I was always been inspired by an interesting, creative and cooperative work atmosphere. I have begun participating in socially useful activities and I’ve met a lot of brilliant people, for whom volunteering has a special and significant meaning. Now we are truly a great team.

Our honors and thanks

Donation Distribution

  • We never use the accounts of individual volunteers or individuals. All funds are collected only to the official accounts of the Fund. This ensures absolute transparency of all financial transactions.

  • We do not deduct commissions or interest from fundraising or listing projects. All collected money, down to a penny, goes exclusively to pay for the needs of specific projects.

  • Non-profitability. We do not help you get rich or improve your personal wealth.

  • In the event that the charity project cannot be implemented for reasons beyond our control, we will keep the collected funds in the appropriate account until the circumstances are finally clarified. If it is possible to realize the target need, there is no need under any conditions – the funds, in full or as possible leftovers from the collection, will be allocated exclusively to the target needs of other projects.

  • Please note: by law, all contributions are strictly voluntary and non-refundable.

  • When transferring funds for a charitable purpose, you should be aware of these points and resolve all possible doubts before making the transaction.