Social-housing Project

Charitable Foundation “Vyhodskyi Krai” is initiating a SOCIAL-HOUSING PROJECT in the centre of Vyhoda village, Ivano-Frankivsk region by refurbishment of non-residential premises with an area of 5000 sq.m. into accommodations. The Project aims at provision of 250 internally displaced persons (IDPs), who lost their homes due to the war in Ukraine, with free accommodation for…

Modern car stop

A gift for the benefit and guests of the village – a modern bus stop. The project was implemented in October 2020.

We are restoring the beach

The banks of the Svicha and Mizunka rivers are perhaps the most attractive places in the summer for the residents of Vyhoda, Dolyna and surrounding villages. Hundreds of people loved these places to relax. However, the relentless floods of 2019 destroyed beach areas, felled many trees, and clogged all the shores. We joined in the…

Landscaping in the village. Novoselytsia

Playground for children There is a particular lack of elements for children’s entertainment in the villages of the community. We joined the projects of the Vyhoda village council and jointly arranged a playground in the village of Novoselytsia.

Step to Life Project

Some aspects of the Step to Life project “Education for life” is the slogan of modern education in Ukraine, which is building its European education so that the new young man of the renewed Ukraine can not only realize himself, but also live with dignity.  We are also trying to take a step towards life…

Sports ground

Holidays in Vyhodsky Park can now be not only pleasant but also useful. By joint efforts, a sports ground was set up here and anti-vandal simulators were installed. Vyhodsky Krai Charitable Foundation continues to participate in social projects and encourages local businesses to do so.

Landscaping near the monument to the locomotive

Monument to the locomotive in the center of the village. The benefit is a symbol of the development of logging and the first narrow gauge railway in the Carpathians since the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today it is the starting point of the tourist route “Carpathian Tram”. It was a matter of management and collective work of…

Outdoor photo zones

Due to its geographical location and the unique Carpathian Tram project, the village of Vyhoda receives many tourists every year. Photo zones have been created on the banks of the Svicha River to make the memories of Vyhoda bright and interesting. The Vyhodsky Krai Charitable Foundation supported this plan, and together with the authorities and…