500 kg of borscht daily: in Kalush they prepare for the army and people in need

Active work continues in the volunteer center of Kalush Lyceum №3. The other day they organized the preparation of borscht in vacuum bags, because there are not enough hot dishes on the front line.

The advantage of such products is their long shelf life. The first batch of portions will be sent to Kyiv.

A Kyivan, a former graduate of the Kalush Lyceum допо3, helped to implement the idea  Taras Lilak, who provided a vacuum machine. He says that now in many regions of Ukraine there is a critical situation with food, and there is a lack of hot food at the front. So we decided to cook a traditional Ukrainian dish – borsch. Now the first 50 kg of borscht has been prepared. They plan to reach the mark of 500 kg and send daily.

Cook  Vladislav Ovchinyuk  showed the process of vacuuming. He says that borsch is prepared by the traditional method, however, they make it a bit thicker. The freshly prepared dish is poured hot into a vacuum device. Without contact with air, the borsch may be usable for 3 or 4 weeks. At the front, the borsch can be eaten ready-made – just add hot water.

According to Vladislav Ovchinyuk, almost any food can be easily packed in a vacuum package, in particular, meat, vegetables, solid fruits and bulk products. Then they will stay fresh as long as possible.

Whenever possible, Kalush residents are asked to bring borscht products to the center: potatoes, onions, cabbage and carrots.

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