We are always welcome here

After our previous post on Facebook about helping the inpatient department of the territorial center in the village of Many people came forward to help these people. We would especially like to thank Lila Soroka, Lyuba Daubnerova, Ruslana Rusyn and Oksana Yakymiv for donating walkers, a wheelchair, house shoes, sports suits, women’s scarves and diapers.We…

Another help for our fighters

At the request of an employee of Uniplyt LLC, who is currently defending our country, we have purchased and are sending an inverter generator.Helping the army and protecting the country is our first and foremost daily task.

We remain united and do everything to win

Once again we are sending armor for our colleague, an employee of Uniplyt LLC, who is in the combat zone in the eastern part of Ukraine. The Foundation’s funds were used to purchase the most necessary equipment, including a tile carrier, a shoulder strap system with pouches, a tactical backpack, a sleeping bag, a portable…

With love for people

Today we again visited the inpatients of the territorial center in Vygoda village and brought gifts for them. A large new TV, curtains for the hall, bed linen, detergents, sweets and juices. We thank Lyubov Bricka from Slovakia for her assistance to the disabled and elderly people living in this facility.

Feeding our tailed friends

We are grateful to all those who contributed to the fundraising for dog and cat food. We are pleased to report that we have purchased 740 kg of dry dog food and 960 kg of cat food for your donations.

Remembering the Heroes

They loved Ukraine and gave their lives for its independence. The memory of the four heroes from the small village of Pshenychnyk, Vyhoda TG, will forever remain in the hearts of the villagers. On January 30, 2024, memorial plaques were unveiled and consecrated on the facade of the Pshenychnyky school to the soldiers-defenders Taras Kurus,…

Mavic for defenders

Today, the “bird” purchased by the foundation is already in the service of the defenders. We keep the line, we keep working.