Military clothing for our defenders

Today, our defenders need HIMARSES, Javelins, Stingers, precision long-range weapons, and basic military items. Everyone tries to help our defenders to the best of their ability. This time the Foundation purchased and donated military uniforms, T-shirts, socks, underwear and berets to the Armed Forces.

Helping the pets

We load cars full of food for dogs and cats. Poor animals also suffer from the war. They cannot survive on their own without the help of humans. Therefore, this humanitarian cargo is exclusively for our four-legged friends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7dVKeBoJ9Ehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jVFfzND5ew

The ocean is not a barrier

9 thousand km, 7 time zones yet the ocean is no obstacles if love, kindness and compassion live in the heart. Canadian company “GlobalMedic” from Ontario once again sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Thanks to the cooperation and coordinated actions of the NGO “Medicine in Action” and the CF “Vyhodskyi Kray”, we are sending 800 food…

Cool helmets for our brave soldiers

They protect Ukraine, and we try to save their lives. The foundation purchased 10 state-of-the-art helmets and handed them over to our defenders. Guys say this helmets are really cool.  We are proud of our brave soldiers. 

Time works for us

Time works for us and our defenders know it well. We support them and provide them with everything they need. This time, 60,000 sets of disposable tableware were handed over to 93 OMB “Kholodny Yar”. Our solders should never waste time washing dishes. They instead, should use their valuable time to kick the Russian out…

We strengthen the bridge of victory with actions

We never stop thinking about our defenders. That is why we find ways and opportunities to help and support them. This week, the Foundation purchased helmets for our military brigades. The gift from Maryana Darvay Trinok was very generous and timely. She gave helmets and T-shirts for our Heroes. We had already sent them to…

Say “Palyanitsa”

“Palyanytsia” is a code word to recognize the occupiers, and “Palyanytsia Kharkiv” is a public organization engaged in volunteering and helping Kharkiv residents in this difficult time. We delivered food kits to Kharkiv to help and support local residents, and volunteers of the NGO “Palyanytsia Kharkiv” delivered them directly to the people.

Again about animals

Worldwide, sterilization is one of the main tools for humane control of stray dogs and cats. Therefore, our Foundation tries not only to feed homeless four-legged friends, but also to use this tool properly. In addition to controlling reproduction, sterilization also extends the lifespan of animals, it helps reduce the risk of cancer and viral…

Through the war

We read a short letter from the Kharkiv public organization “Through War” through tears. Behind a few lines of gratitude, a sad picture of human misery, despair, fear, and destruction can be seen mixed with hope, sacrifice, faith and kindness. We realize how important and to some extent vital the solidarity of civil society is…

Product sets – delivered

Helping people whom we basically knew nothing about but knew for sure that they our need help has become the norm today. The Foundation once more organized and transported food products for the citizens of Kharkiv. It has already become a good habit to deliver food for our beloved four-legged friends with every humanitarian shipment.…