Help from Italy

Almost every day we have contacts with our compatriots or partners in European countries, who sincerely respond to requests to provide assistance to Ukraine in any way during the war. The next tranche of humanitarian aid from Italy was provided by Volodymyr Hurko, owner of Uniplit LLC together with local charitable foundations Vyhodsky Krai (Liliana Pengrin) and Step into Life (Nadiya Datso).

A large consignment of humanitarian aid for people who have been forced to flee their homes or lost all their property due to the war is being sent to the cities that have suffered the most, including Kharkiv. Our compatriot Ruslana Rusin from the village of Vyhoda in the Italian city of Udine managed to organize the collection of basic necessities, clothes, shoes, hygiene products, blankets, blankets, berets, food, medicine, and animal feed. For which she is very grateful, as well as to everyone who bought, sorted, provided transportation, who with heart and soul together with Ukraine.

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