Women during the war

The book “War is not a woman’s face” by Svetlana Aleksievich is a document of human memory, a record of the stories of women whose war (1941-1945) forced them to take up arms to protect their homeland from fascism.

Today we are writing a new story, the history of the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, where a separate section is the participation of women in the liberation of the country from Russian invaders. About the fate of women who took up arms; about those who are experiencing shelling and giving birth to children in bomb shelters; about those who volunteer, who feed and heal, who shelter and who help in the rear. Every woman has a duty and one desire for all – to accelerate the Victory.

The women also joined forces in transporting and humanitarian aid from abroad, because under wartime law, not all men can cross the border, and help is needed immediately. The women of our company joined this important cause. Together with their friends, they have already transported ambulances from Romania to medical institutions in Ukraine, delivered humanitarian aid from European countries and handed them over to residents of Kharkiv, Mykolayiv and UAF brigades. In addition, they are engaged in sorting rubber aid, weaving camouflage nets, helping the military with food and praying for each defender.

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