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On August 18, they had the opportunity to talk with Vasyl Uzhela, a defender, a soldier of the 44th separate artillery brigade, an employee of Uniplyt LLC. This is his first visit home since the beginning of the war.
Mr. Vasyl comes from Novoshyn. He started working at the plant from the beginning of February this year in the repair and construction team. But on the second day of the war, he went to the military headquarters. A real manly act. On February 27, he was already in Malyn, Zhytomyr region, as part of a military brigade, building dugouts, today he is fighting on the southeastern borders of the country in  Zaporizhzhia region as a gunner of 44th SAB.
Vasyl said that he made the decision to defend the country immediately after the announcement of the start of a full-scale war, there were no doubts, because he had experience in military service, worked in extra-departmental security, skills in handling weapons and military discipline. He completed his military service in the air defense forces and has a military speciality – anti-aircraft gunner. Skills and experience are now fundamental in the war.
In June, he was lightly wounded in a battle, but remained on site to continue fighting. He says that there was no rotation in their brigade, there is no one to replace the boys, because they need already trained ones. But the soldiers do not complain, everyone knows that they are protecting their land. As an ordinary person, he wants the war to end as soon as possible, as a military man he is aware that it may drag on for another year.
As for support matter, he said that volunteers help a lot. Their team is assisted by volunteers from Chortkiv, Ternopil region. Thanks to them, the military feels a lot of support. We should be grateful for the support of the world and friendly European countries, he said.
I came home for a few days, as neede some minor medical treatment, and will return to the front line in two days. His wife stayed at home. By the way, Vasyl got married shortly before the start of the war.
In our conversation he noted that we should prepare for winter. The military will need warm clothes, sleeping bags, so they are counting on volunteers. And he also emphasized that you should never ignore the air raid alerts, especially while celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine.
To my question, how can we help, Vasyl said – with prayer. “Pray for us, your prayer keeps us going.”
In return, our Charitable Foundation “Vyhodskyi Krai” provided Vasyl with financial assistance for treatment in the amount of 6,000 UAH.
Tomorrow he will go to the front, and we will work and help,  bringing together the great Victory closer.

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