We are applying for the “Help for Tails – 2023” contest

We dreamed of creating a sterilization and rehoming center for homeless animals called “Friendly Paw” in Dolyna, Kalush district. Dreams turned into action. We found the right premises and, with the help of concerned citizens, carried out repairs, namely: re-roofed, installed windows and doors, performed interior and exterior finishing works, and installed an enclosure with an area of about 950 m2, where up to 50 dogs and cats can stay at the same time.
The main task of the Center is to sterilize stray animals to control their number. In addition, tailed friends will be able to receive professional medical care from a veterinarian at Friendly Paw.
To complete the project, we need to buy 7 more boxes for dogs and cats. Therefore, our Charitable Foundation decided to participate in the grant competition “Help for Tails – 2023” hostiq.ua
We are convinced that thanks to our donors, we will soon be able to provide continuous assistance and shelter to stray animals.
We wish ourselves success!

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