With love to the little ones

Meet Mrs. Elena. An extraordinary woman with a big heart and a sincere soul. She has been rescuing stray cats in the city for many years. Kharkiv. In addition to Ms. Olena’s many cats, she has set up a mini shelter and cares for many abandoned or stray cats.
We learned about Ms. Olena by accident. We were told that this fearless and desperate woman saved and took all her wards to the outskirts of the city during the shelling of the North Saltivka district in Kharkiv. The night after the evacuation, Ms. Olena’s house was damaged by fire, but all the animals were rescued. Now the woman periodically visits Saltivka to feed the animals that remained there, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy animal feed in the Kharkiv region.
While sending another consignment of humanitarian aid, we handed over dry food to Olena’s wards. Fluffy muzzles are fed and satisfied.
We thank Ms. Olena for her great love and care for our younger friends and thank you to everyone who joined in purchasing and transporting food.

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