Сreation of social housing for migrants  $20,750

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Our foundation has been operating since 2008. Our mission is to unite talented, ideological, energetic and initiative people for implementation of interesting and significant projects, teamwork and practical assistance.



Constructive dialogue and cooperation for achieving specific goals, consolidation and coordination of efforts and resources, equal participation and shared responsibility for the results of activities and for the whole team - that is true meaning of partnership and what are we looking for.


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Join the Charity fund “VYHODSKYI KRAI” to do good deeds together, support and help those who need it, develop our communities and the Carpathian region, build the best country in the world. Working together is thrilling and honorably.


Foundation team

Liliana Pengrin

I was always been inspired by an interesting, creative and cooperative work atmosphere. I have begun participating in socially useful activities and I’ve met a lot of brilliant people, for whom volunteering has a special and significant meaning. Now we are truly a great team.


Vyhodskyy kray is a charitable foundation that initiates the construction of socially accessible housing for forcibly displaced persons in the little town of Vyhoda

Світлана Ябчаник

We are always welcome here

After our previous post on Facebook about helping the inpatient department of the territorial center in the village of Many

Світлана Ябчаник

With love for people

Today we again visited the inpatients of the territorial center in Vygoda village and brought gifts for them. A large



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