Happy Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Our Basic Law – the Constitution is the basis for building an independent democratic state as a full member of the world community, a determining factor in ensuring the state sovereignty of Ukraine, consolidation of society, creating appropriate conditions for self-realization of every citizen, establishing absolute values, human life and health, honor and dignity. , inviolability and security.
But for the first time we celebrate this majestic day in the most difficult conditions, during the terrible war, when the sovereignty and integrity of the country the Ukrainian people are fighting with weapons in hand, when the enemy of Muscovy encroached on the holiday – our lives, our land, our independence.
But we unite and defend our state. Today we are strong and brave, we are confident in our struggle and resolute in our actions. We understand that the further democratic path of development of our state, our great Victory over the enemy and the development of the country depend on each of us.
On this significant day, we sincerely wish everyone victory, peace and mutual understanding, the establishment of prosperity in every family and the completion of all plans for the bright future of native Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

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