The war in Ukraine, unleashed by the Russian Federation, has literally wiped out dozens of Ukrainian towns and villages.

The war in Ukraine, unleashed by the Russian Federation, literally wiped out dozens of Ukrainian towns and villages. The war is hundreds of destroyed or damaged homes, hospitals, educational institutions, cultural and historical heritage sites and infrastructure. The WAR is a story about the fate of people, whose lives have changed forever.

Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes because of shelling and bombing the Ukrainian cities and villages. The vast majority found refuge in the western regions of Ukraine. These are mostly rented apartments or non-residential premises of state or communal ownership that are not suitable for long-term residence. Nobody today is going to predict the day when the victory of the Ukrainian people in this bloody war will come. Moreover, rebuilding of destroyed cities takes a long time.Most of internally displaced persons (IDPs) will remain living far from their native land for a long time, including those, who stays in the Carpathian region. Today, the number of IDPs in Vyhoda village community is about 2 500 people and another 4 500 people in the neighbouring Dolyna town community. There is no free housing stock in the communities, and long-term renting requires significant financial costs. Women with children, whose financial resources are insufficient, are particularly sensitive to such problems.The only way to help IDPs is to create social housing.

Charitable Foundation “Vyhodskyi Krai” is initiating a SOCIAL-HOUSING PROJECT in the centre of Vyhoda village, Ivano-Frankivsk region by refurbishment of non-residential premises with an area of 5000 sq.m.  Into accommodations. The aim of the project is to provide 250 internally displaced persons who lost their homes due to the war in Ukraine with free accommodation for the long term. There are all the prerequisites to achieve this: – a large vacant space, which can be refurbished into accommodation; – awareness and institutional support of local authorities.We are also keenly aware of our duty to assist those, who lost their homes, with welfare improvement and provision of adequate living space.

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