Step to Life Project

Some aspects of the Step to Life project

“Education for life” is the slogan of modern education in Ukraine, which is building its European education so that the new young man of the renewed Ukraine can not only realize himself, but also live with dignity. 

We are also trying to take a step towards life through the implementation of the Step into Life project, as our goals in Ukraine have changed and our worldview has changed.  “School should teach problem solving, not knowledge.” That is why the specialists of our institution are included in the working group that develops curricula of new content, according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science №44 from 25.01.2015. A necessary component of these programs is to create conditions and provide opportunities for children to learn to live independently, rationally manage, economically and rationally spend energy, sort garbage, care for animals, explore the process of growing food to cooking from them. Such educational tasks are offered by us in a course of subjects of a correctional and developmental cycle: “social and household orientation”, “social and household adaptation”, “correction of development”. These particularly difficult tasks for a blind and partially sighted young person, who after graduating from the training and rehabilitation center is faced with the choice of independent living and choosing a profession, gives the opportunity to solve the proposed project.

Information and analytical report

of the first stage of implementation of the social project “Step into life”

The project is implemented by the Vyhoda Training and Rehabilitation Center with the assistance of the Vyhoda Region Charitable Foundation and financial support from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The aim of the project is to create a laboratory of social and domestic orientation for independent living, housekeeping, social adaptation, development of life competencies in blind graduates of the center.

Project objectives:

– to enable students of the Vyhoda Training and Rehabilitation Center to develop skills in organizing their living space in order to further realize themselves as individuals in society;

– to teach project participants (students) to live independently through the organization and development of household, organizational, communication and other skills, planning their daily activities, fulfilling responsibilities for maintaining a living space in proper sanitary and hygienic condition, to make a proper diet so that it did not exceed the established subsistence level, to organize the leisure, to look after a guide dog.

– to carry out repair work in the laboratory, its conversion into a one-room apartment with all the equipment for independent living of a blind graduate (graduate) of the center.

The project is permanent.

At the first stage of its implementation, repair works were carried out with grant funds and the premises for independent living of a blind student of the center were re-equipped.

At this stage, 5 graduates of the center took part in the project. In addition to the goals set in the training of participants, organizers and teachers identified strengths and weaknesses in the development and education of the younger generation, its skills and opportunities for socialization in the environment. This gave an opportunity to better understand the needs of participants, review the curriculum, take into account the suggestions of the participants themselves.

Participants had the opportunity to analyze what they learned, in particular on financial issues of independent living, self-discipline and responsibility.

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