power in Unity

Our project “The Road of Life from the West to the East” has ended, but the new acquaintances and connections continue to be established, we continue to work and help, step by step we go to victory, because this is our mission.
Today we thank everyone who made the implementation of this project possible. We would like to thank the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Ukraine for financial support, “East Europe” Foundation, its president Viktor Lyah, program specialist Galina Rybalko, senior specialist in grants and contracts Maryna Pypko, communication coordinator Ivanna Pavlyuk – for organization and cooperation within the project, children’s services  council of Hrushiv village and its head, Mrs. Kateryna Brus, director of  Kharkiv “Regional clinical center of medical rehabilitation and palliative care for children “Hippocrates”, Mrs. Tetiana Chub for assisting in the success of the project. We thank our entrepreneurs who responded and took part in providing food, non-food products and textile products.  We would like to thank PE Tysiak V.I. for the provided transport services and safe delivery of humanitarian aid.
Together, we did a kindly act – we provided 177 children from a Hrushiv community with food and non-food items, we provided textile products and detergents to Kharkiv “Regional clinical center of medical rehabilitation and palliative care for children “Hippocrates”. Totally, about 4 tons of humanitarian goods were purchased and delivered. And we continue to work, each in his own place and according to his call of duty.
Together we are strong.  Power in Unity.

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