Volunteer help

The volunteer movement is another front open from the first days of the war and will last until the complete victory of Ukraine, and then until we rebuild our country.
Today, we have no more important business than to support and help our fearless and unconquered defenders than to serve the country and its people. Humanitarian aid purchased and imported from the Czech Republic and Poland is immediately sorted, packed in boxes and prepared for shipment to our defenders in the east of the country.
We have now packed 100 food kits. In addition, a large number of medicines, military first aid kits, medical turnstiles, walkie-talkies, povbanks and military knitwear purchased at the expense of the founders of Uniplit LLC, Vyhodsky Krai Charitable Foundation, Polish and Czech friends will soon be delivered to the UAF military unit in Kharkiv. area. At the same time, we hand over hygiene products and baby food brought to children’s institutions in the Kharkiv region.

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