Summer, goodbye! Hello, school!

The summer passed, when the laughter of children was heard less often than the air alarm sirens. Nevertheless, today we congratulate all educators and students on the beginning of the school year. The war has made children more mature, dictates its lessons to them in real time and educates them on the heroic deeds of Ukrainian defenders.
We adults will do everything in our power to give children back their childhood, to protect them. As His Beatitude Cardinal Lubomyr Huzar said, “Do your work every day, and not only for yourself, do it together with others and for everyone. There is strength in unity, and it allows you to resist any encroachment, be it people who came to take a piece of your land, or people who came to deceive you.” And today, our Charitable Foundation did everything to ensure that the first bell rang in many rural schools, children sat down at school desks, and parents were calm about safe conditions in educational institutions.
Happy Knowledge Day with faith in Ukraine and our Victory!

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