Sterilization center “Friendly Paw” is open

Until recently, the creation of the Center was a dream of a few people, and today it is a completed major animal protection project.
On September 1, 2023, its first four-legged owners settled here, and the Center officially began its work on that day. The newly constructed enclosure, with an area of about 950 m2, will accommodate up to 50 dogs and cats at a time.
This wonderful event was preceded by the hard work of Uniplyt’s shareholders and employees, the Vygodsky Krai Charitable Foundation, public and volunteer organizations that provided resources of various kinds – money, material items, their time, their strength and their love for animals.
The main task of the Animal Sterilization Center is to sterilize stray animals to control their number. In addition, tailed friends will be able to receive professional medical care from a veterinarian at Friendly Paw.
There is still a lot of hard work ahead, but we hope that the team of the Vyhoda Krai Charitable Foundation and the Friendly Paw NGO will be able to make sure that there are no stray dogs in our region.

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