Report of the fund for September

Helped for a total amount of more than 1 493 240 UAH.
1. Purchased a Nissan SUV for Omega: 140,000 UAH.
2. Purchased 3 thermal imagers for the 241st Brigade: UAH 210,000.
3. Collected money for an off-road vehicle for B/C3017: 240 000 UAH.
4. Already collected >1/3 for an excavator for the 241st Brigade of the Armed Forces: 376 504 UAH.
5. We have transferred equipment, tools and fuel and lubricants for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, repairs of buses: 80 000 UAH.
6. Purchased 200 sets of thermal underwear for the Armed Forces, 100 have already been delivered: 147 000 UAH.
7. Transferred 1100 kg of animal feed to Kharkiv region: UAH 82 455.
8. Purchased food sets for Slobozhanske: 20 000 UAH.
9. Transport for the delivery of humanitarian aid: 50 500 UAH.
10. Together with Global Medic Ontario we delivered 603 + 1120 food containers and 225 water purification systems to Kharkiv region.
💙💛Thank you all for your donations, help and cooperation! We keep in line, together we are unbreakable!
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