Our awards with the help of the army

Dear our compatriots, philanthropists and volunteers.
The First Department of the Territorial Center for Manning and Social Support expresses its gratitude for the humanitarian aid provided to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Terrorism. The car you handed over, fuel and lubricants, anti-tank “hedgehogs”, food, thermal underwear for the military, shoes, hygiene products, medicines and other things are very important and necessary in this difficult time.
We feel your support every day, and it inspires us to fight the enemy. You are our reliable rear and strong support. We see and understand that you are also making every effort, own means and resources to jointly destroy the occupiers and together win a great victory.
We are together! We will win! Everything will be Ukraine! 

Our defenders thanked Uniplit LLC and Vyhodsky Krai Charitable Foundation for their support and assistance. We believe that supporting the Ukrainian army is our sacred duty and daily affair. It is impossible to express in words all gratitude for what these brave, courageous and fearless boys and girls of the Armed Forces are doing. We can and will use all possible forces and resources to support our defenders until the great Victory.
Glory to our soldiers! Glory to Ukraine!
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