No right to stop

Until our cities shake and shudder from all of the shellings and bombarding until our civilians hide in bombshells and our brave defenders protect Ukraine and destroy enemy hordes… Until the last oppressing boot stays on our land instead of being five feet deep under – we will keep working and helping.
This is our pledge, purpose, and determination.
Team of Foundation went through hundreds of kilometers and bought and delivered food supplies for our heroic army and civilians.
Five hundred kits of instant soups, pate, and condensed milk were provided to the army’s brigades.
Over one hundred sets of essential food supplies traveling to districts with complicated humanitarian situations. We always remember to provide a little something for our fluffy friends and cute companions – cats and dogs. That’s why we supplied and delivered dry food to make life ruptured by war a little bit better.
No stopping until complete and absolute Victory against the aggressor.
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the nation! Death to enemies!

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