Four-legged friends are asking for help

Hungry, sick, wasted, abandoned and orphaned. Those who not so long ago gave people joy and warmth, who were a faithful watchman and an ardent friend, a gentle little playful ball – today wander the half-empty streets of cities and villages. There are many reasons – the owners died or left, fleeing from shelling, and the newborns were simply left to fend for themselves. But the main reason is the war. Both people and animals suffer from it.
Our Foundation constantly purchases and delivers food for dogs and cats to the eastern regions of the country. We try to take care of our smaller friends at every opportunity and create slightly better living conditions for them. We are collecting funds to create a shelter for dogs and sterilize them. However, we see that tailed friends need even more help. We call on everyone who cares about the fate of four-legged animals, to help them survive in this terrible time. Winter and frosts are ahead. Only by joining our efforts, we will do a good deed together.

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