Bridge of Desires

Thanks to the joint efforts of the founders and teams of Uniplit LLC, Unibrook LLC, Carpathian Tram LLC, Vyhodsky Timber Plant LLC and Vyhodsky Krai Charitable Foundation, today another territory of our village has become more attractive and ennobled. We hope that this bridge will become a symbol of unity of all residents of Vyhoda region and people who found refuge from the war in our region, and in the future will be another decoration that will be admired for many years by both Vyhoda residents and our guests.

With a deep understanding that the implementation of this project became possible at this time thanks to the courage of our defenders, we express our gratitude to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, theor defense and all those who ensure peace on our land.

Occasionally, we invite residents of Vyhoda and surrounding towns and villages to spend leisure time in the center of Vyhoda, wish peace, tranquility, happiness, health and prosperity on the “Bridge of Desires” and travel the Carpathian tram on a spring trip to the majestic Carpathian Mountains.

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