All children are our children!

The terrible war left a black mark on the fate of many of our children. Teenagers who were torn from their hometowns and villages by the war and continue their education in other schools and under new circumstances need special attention today. Making children happy, giving them the joy of childhood, showing attention and care is our adult responsibility and duty.
We met a charming girl — Victoria Simakova, a 10th-grade pupil at Vyhoda Special School. She is from a large foster family that came to us from the city of Rubizhne, Luhansk region. Our Foundation together with CF “Step in Life” (Nadia Yakymiv) decided to support Victoria and her family and presented the girl with a modern Chromebook.
No one and nothing has the right to deprive children of the opportunity to develop, have a childhood, learn and simply LIVE.
Let’s support each other and gain the victory together!

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