Again about animals

Worldwide, sterilization is one of the main tools for humane control of stray dogs and cats. Therefore, our Foundation tries not only to feed homeless four-legged friends, but also to use this tool properly. In addition to controlling reproduction, sterilization also extends the lifespan of animals, it helps reduce the risk of cancer and viral infections in animals.
Today, at the expense of the Foundation, another homeless dog was sterilized in the veterinary laboratory.
It should always be remembered that pets are not toys or entertainment, they are full members of the family with their own character and needs. They strongly depend on the attitude of people towards them and on the conditions in which they live. The immortal phrase of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry “We are responsible for those who have been domesticated” is a confirmation of human responsibility for the animals that live next to us.
Let’s be responsible, show attention and sensitivity to our younger friends.

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